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The Natural House
Pilot  & Series Overview

The Pilot

The Natural House is a sustainable and green home tour and building series, illustrating how creative, motivated and passionate homeowners incorporate innovative design, emerging technologies and natural building materials to build uniquely livable homes that reflect principles of harmony, health and ecological balance.

The Natural House half-hour pilot features two outstanding private homes built in Oregon.

home is  an 'experiment in sustainabile building'  and illustrates the blending  of contemporary  design, and cutting edge   technologies in a rural mountain environment.  

Next, to  build their toxin-free natural home, the Hays-Carl family traveled back to the future  re-visioning historic sustainable building and earth centered green design techniques to create a 'safe haven' in the country.

The  series pilot also includes two ‘Onsite’ high value information segments.

Featured "Onsite" 

Two “Onsite” segments take viewers on location to visit with innovators, visionaries and manufacturers who are making a difference in  developing sustainable resources, materials, designs and technology. 

First up, Yolo Colorhouse 
where natural paint designers create home healthy low, and zero VOC paints.  

In segment two,  we’re Onsite at Portland, Oregon’s Rebuilding Center

At 65,000 square feet the Rebuilding Center is the largest non-profit, used building materials resource center in North America and a 'natural resource' for Portland's do-it-yourselfers.

The Green Arc

The Natural House  first season would be produced in a thirteen state  ‘Green Arc” across the United States.  

Begining in Portland, Oregon the green arc of production would move through the west, southwest and east coast ending near Portland, Maine.

Featuring two homes per state, the green arc concept provides viewers with a geographic, climatic and stylistic overview of sustainable and green building projects across the country, while delivering our sponsors advertising message to a regional audience within a national demographic. 

The Natural House is hosted by Portland, Oregon based actress Pam Mahon. 

The Kelly-Woodford Home

The Kelly-Woodford home (www.neilkelly.com) is a
2,000 square foot mountain retreat built at the foot of Mt. Hood, near Parkdale, Oregon.

This unique steel shell
home includes a wide variety  of sustainable  and green building technologies, all built around a radical minimalist design profile. 

The  Kelly-Woodford 'net zero energy' home generates as much energy as it consumes in a year.  When completed in 2006, it was the first LEED Silver
certified home on the west coast, and one of just four such homes in the United States.

The Hays-Carl Home

The Hays-Carl family  
homestead (www.eaglecreeknb.com), is a classic 2,000 square foot timber frame bungalow that pays special tribute to traditional craftsman legacies, while incorporating a full set of ‘deep green building values.

The home, built on nine rural acres near Eagle Creek, Oregon features a fully pegged mortise and tenon timber frame, rich natural plaster walls, toxin free paints, and is built around a richly textured ‘breathable’ wall system of clay and straw.

Audience and Market

The Natural House target audience is the LOHAS – Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (www.lohas.com) segment. 

Collectively referred to as Cultural Creatives, LOHAS consumers are a potential $250 billion U.S. marketplace for goods and services focused on health, the environment, social justice, personal development and sustainable living. 

Research by Conscious Wave indicates that in the United States nearly 50 million people are currently considered LOHAS Consumers.

The Associated Natural House Website

Extending The Natural House television viewing experience and The Natural House brand, the associated website at
www.thenaturalhouseonline.com, is designed as a dynamic information rich online destination. 

The website will offer viewers a show guide, how to segments and  additional commentary by homeowners, while providing  links to region specific green and sustainable products and resources throughout the country and around the world.

The website, together with the TV series, presents advertisers and sponsors with a 360 degree  opportunity to reach involved, concerned and pro-active consumers, many of whom tie health, investment and lifestyle purchasing decisions to their  green and sustainable world view.

Sponsoship Opportunities

Distant Planet Media is actively engaging inquiries regarding full and partial sponsorhip of The Natural House television series.

Sponsors who join in an advertising partnership  with  Distant Planet will find in our viewers, a growing audience of  consumers who are eager to live more sustainable,  healthier and earth friendly lifestyles. 

A sponsorship association with The Natural House, is a timely opportunity to send a green message about your earth friendly company and products, while inspiring, informing and empowering a uniquely motivated TV demographic

Onsite Segment Profiles

Are you a business, home designer, product manufacturer or developer that is creating new
forward  looking products, 
incubatinng workable green ideas or engaging dynamic but acessible visons for a more sustainable future?

Our two minute in-show
"Onsite" information segments might be just the opportunity you need to tell your story.

Contact Distant Planet for more information.

Additional Opportunities

In addition to spnsoring The Natural House, underwriting, product placement and partnership opportunities exist to help fund each of the series pilots mentioned on these pages.

The Travel Café, A Taste of History and Green Business Report, all speak to specific audiences and have both a broadcast television, and web component, offering underwriters a unique high profile brand association with a specific program and audience.

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